Advice on condition and expected life of existing battery systems including Lead Acid & NiCad batteries.

Battery Specification & design

Battery Room Layout

Battery Inspection
- Cell Specific Gravity
- Individual Cell Voltage & Battery Voltage
- Cell Resistance & bolted connection resistance
- Visual inspection of individual Cell condition & cleanliness
- Tightness of all fasteners & bolted connections

Battery Load Testing (Discharge Testing)
- Up to 1410 Amps
- Multiples of 24 to 240 Volts (higher voltages by battery splitting)
- Constant Current to agreed end voltages or defined times.
- All sampling on a 15 second cycle with data held on laptop computers.

Removal of old batteries and disposal in compliance with the relevant Government environmental regulations.

Installation and commissioning of batteries in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards.

Design and implementation of battery management and maintenance programmes.