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20th January 2008 - Parmatrada wins maintenance contract at Eraring power station

Parmatrada has been awarded the contract for maintenance of the Batteries and DC Power Supplies at Eraring Power Station for the period from 2nd February 2008 to 2nd February 1010.
 Eraring Power Station is a large base load Power Station with an output capacity of excess of 2600MW. It is an essential part of the NSW electricity grid system. DC systems and batteries are used to provide emergency backup for the internal power supplies of the station and are essential to provide safety systems in case of emergency.
 There are in excess of 60 batteries used in backing up systems in this power station ranging in size from 8Ahr to 2600Ahr. Voltages range from a nominal 240volts down to 24volts.
 Applications include emergency power supplies for Turbogenerator oil pumps, starting batteries for fire fighting pumps, Station emergency lighting, coal conveyor control systems and computer UPS.
 Lead acid batteries for stationary applications usually have a design life of 10+ years so it is important to monitor their performance throughout their working life. The Parmatrada contract includes monthly, quarterly and yearly inspections of all batteries and chargers, discharge testing of batteries.
Discharge testing is an important part of the contract, as it gives a good indication of the life and expected performance of a battery if it is required to work during an emergency.


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