Parmatrada was started by Mr. Geoff Scott in 1972 as a cottage industry to manufacture marker plates and fire safety signs. As Mr. Scott moved in his professional life back into the marketing of capital electrical equipment for industry he changed the emphasis of Parmatrada.

In 1998 Mr. Scott resigned as an employee engineer and concentrated all his efforts on building Parmatrada into a professional service to manage battery systems.

Parmatrada now monitors and manages battery banks for the electricity generating industry at large central power stations, removes and disposes of old battery banks and installs and commissions new battery/charger systems.

Parmatrada has a consulting engineering service to advise on the design, selection and maintenance of DC systems. We design and implement regular inspection and maintenance programmes for DC systems.

Parmatrada advocates regular discharge load testing of all battery systems as the only proven way of establishing the performance of the battery. We can load test batteries with discharge currents of up to 1410 Amperes, with automatic control of the current to an accuracy of 1 Amp. Automatic data logging on a continuous basis using laptop computers for data acquisition and control is used.

Written reports are prepared on a regular basis, depending on the client's requirements, proven best practice and the relevant Australian Standards.

We maintain regular contact with reputable battery manufacturers, who have established sales and service facilities in Australia, but fiercely maintain our independence when working with the end user.

Parmatrada is well aware of the quality standards applicable in industry and the recent move to emphasise risk management and OHS & R. We are strong believers in good management and common sense as the prime drivers of good business. As is common with all evolving systems, we stay in touch with current trends in business management.